Lower Vancouver Island Western Square
and Round Dance Association

Award of Merit

The Lower Vancouver Island Western Square and Round Dance Association has an award by which individuals or couples, may be recognized for an outstanding contribution to the enhancement of square, round, clog or contra dancing. Recognition of this achievement is called the Award of Merit and is a Certificate of Appreciation. This award is reserved for members of the Lower Vancouver Island Western Square and Round Dance Association or the Victoria and District Caller Teachers Association.

Qualifying Criteria For Nominations

Recognition is reserved for those whose contribution to square, round, clog or contra dancing is well outside the activities of the average participant. Accomplishments could be either a single, exceptional result in a short period of time, or a steady, continuing, above average contribution over a long period of time.

Nomination Procedures

Nominations shall be made in writing by a group of five couples or ten individuals to the secretary of the Association. Proposals must reflect and fully document the aspects of the achievement, which deserves special recognition by the presentation of the Award of Merit. To avoid disappointment, it is recommended that candidates not be informed that they are being nominated.

The Association President shall advise those who prepared the nomination of the results of the adjudication of the proposal and shall make arrangements for the presentation of the award if successful.
WSRDA Award of Merit Recipients
March 10, 2000 Jack & Marg Weber
April 29, 2000 Ken & Ev Middleton
May 12, 2001 Fred & Christina Willing
May 3, 2015 Joyce & Vic Marshall
May 3, 2015 Molly & Bruce Spencer

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