Square Dancing &
Round Dancing

Lower Vancouver Island

Who We Are

Lower Vancouver Island is Region 1 of the British Columbia Square & Round Dance Federation (BCSRDF). We are comprised of associations, clubs, callers, cuers, and dancers on the southern end of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.


Our Region encompasses the City of Victoria and surrounding municipalities, extends west to the District of Sooke, north to the Town of Sidney, and further north to the City of Duncan, and also includes the adjacent southern Gulf Islands. Our northerly boundary on the east side of Vancouver Island is the Chemainus River.


The Lower Vancouver Island Western Square & Round Dance Association (LVIWSRDA) is our dancers’ organization. The Victoria & District Caller Teachers Association (VDCTA) is the organization for our callers and cuers. The Cross Trail News is our official publication.

Square Dancing & Round Dancing in Our Region

If you are an experienced modern western square dancer or round dancer our clubs welcome new members and visitors at their dances. Both associations also sponsor dances periodically during each dance season and in the summer.


If you want to learn modern western square dancing or round dancing our clubs schedule lessons on a regular basis. If you are a former dancer who needs a refresher you are also welcome to join a class.


Please visit our CLUBS and CLASSES pages to learn more about square dancing and round dancing opportunities in the Lower Vancouver Island Region.


Use the CALENDAR page to locate dates, times, and locations for scheduled dances, classes, workshops, and meetings in our area.


The DANCES page features posters for dances being held in the Lower Vancouver Island Region. The EVENTS page features posters for events taking place outside our Region. The HALLS page has photos and maps showing the location of each of our regular dance halls.


If you are new to square dancing or round dancing, go to our LINKS page and click on “What is Modern Western Square Dance?” or “What is Round Dance?” for an easy-to-read description of each. On the LINKS page you will also find a selection of other websites and social media pages of interest to square dancers and round dancers.


If you have any questions or comments or if you want more information please leave us a message on our CONTACT page.


We look forward to seeing you on the dance floor.