The objectives of the Lower Vancouver Island Western Square & Round Dance Association (LVIWSRDA) are:

  • to promote interest in square and round dancing,
  • to further the welfare of each member club; and
  • to foster the spirit of friendliness.


The LVIWSRDA holds five general meetings per dance season at 3:00 PM on the fourth Sundays of September, November, January, March, and April (AGM) at the Colwood Community Hall following the VDCTA’s four free workshops and the free Mainstream dance that begin at 1:30 PM at the same location.


All club members and guests (graduate square dancers and round dancers) are welcome to attend. are welcome to attend and participate in these workshops, dance, and meetings but only members of the Association Council (club delegates, the elected executive, and certain appointed positions) may vote at the meetings. The meetings typically adjourn between 3:45 and 4:15 PM. 


Each dance season the LVIWSRDA and the VDCTA jointly sponsor the Spring Round-Up, usually on the first Sunday in May, to welcome newly-graduated dancers, draw for the Dancers of the Year, and wind-up the dance season.


The two Associations also jointly sponsor a series of summer Mainstream dances on Wednesday evenings during June, July, and August. Half of these dances are held at each of the Colwood Community Hall and the Royal Oak Hall.


Each spring in even-numbered years the LVIWSRDA hosts a joint dance with the Upper Vancouver Island Square Dance Association (UVISDA) at a Lower Island location. In odd-numbered years this dance is hosted by UVISDA at an Upper Island location.


See the posters advertising these events on the COMING EVENTS page and check the CALENDAR page to confirm the dates and times.

LVIWSRDA Executive - 2024-2026

President – Carol Young

Vice President – Gary Weeks

Secretary – Gillian Bloom

Treasurer – Alex Wotherspoon

Past President – (vacant)

For email please leave us a message on the CONTACT US page.

LVIWSRDA Member Clubs

Country Cousins Square Dance Club

Dance A Rounds Round Dance Club

Frontier Twirlers Square Dance Club

Mavericks Square Dance Club

Rainbow Rounders Round Dance Club

Star Twirlers Square Dance Club

For club details please visit the CLUBS page.

A Brief History of the LVIWSRDA

From 1954 to 1978 there was one dancers’ association on Vancouver Island. Initially called the Greater Victoria Western Dance Association (WDA), the name changed to Greater Victoria Western Square Dance Association (WSDA) in 1955, and then to Vancouver Island Western Square Dance Association (VIWSDA) later in 1955, as more clubs located elsewhere on the Island joined. Although “VI” was part of the name the association was usually referred to as the WSDA.


In 1978 the Upper Vancouver Island dancers separated from the VIWSDA to form their own association, the Upper Vancouver Island Square Dance Association (UVISDA). Lower Vancouver Island continued using the name VIWSDA or more commonly WSDA.


In 1995 the association name, VIWSDA, was changed by adding “& Round” to become the Vancouver Island Western Square & Round Dance Association (VIWSRDA). With this change the association was then usually referred to as the WSRDA. 


In 2005  the word “Lower” was added to form the current name, Lower Vancouver Island Western Square & Round Dance Association. The abbreviation LVIWSRDA is now frequently used in place of the full name although WSRDA is also still used.

Lower Vancouver Island Association Presidents - Since 1978

1978-1980       Willard Bieber

1980-1982       Wilf Dorman

1982-1984       Hank Von Schalberg

1984-1985       Bill Plourd

1985-1987       Bruce Spencer

1987-1989       Peter Sandeman-Allen

1989-1991       Don Roberts

1991-1993       Chuck Salmon

1993-1993       Tom Tucker

1993-1994       Bob Vroom

1994-1996       Willard Bieber

1996-1998       Marlene Docherty

1998-2000       Tom Hubbard

2000-2002       Derek Tucker

2002-2004       Bruce Roger

2004-2006       Roger Ritchot

2006-2008       Colleen MacLennan

2008-2010       Bob Collins

2010-2012       John Doutaz

2012-2014       Frank Cloutier

2014-2016       Bruce Irving

2016-2018       Frank Cloutier

2018-2020       Dennis Sutton

2020-2023       Michele McIsaac

2023-                Carol Young

Vancouver Island Association Presidents - 1954 to 1978

1954-1955       John Mooney

1955-1957       Russ Ard

1957-1958       Noel French

1958-1959       Fred Conconi

1959-1961       John Fairweather

1961-1962       Dai MacLeod

1962-1963       Jim Randall

1963-1964       Jim Allen

1964-1966       Taff Hughes

1966-1967       Vic Copp

1967-1968       Chuck Underwood

1968-1970       Byron Barker

1970-1972       Gordie Rutledge

1972-1974       Bill Rippon

1974-1976       Earl Dennis (Nanaimo)

1976-1978       Ken Middleton