Dancers of the Year

At the Spring Round-Up, usually on the first Sunday in May each year, there is the draw for the LVIWSRDA Dancers of the Year. The individual club dancers of the year (couples or singles – one entry per club) who are willing to stand for LVIWSRDA Dancers of the Year participate in this draw. The term of this honour runs from June 1 to the following May 31 and the winners have possession of the perpetual LVIWSRDA Dancer of the Year trophy for the year.


Each winner receives a personalized Dancer of the Year badge plus a token for free pay parades/dance admissions. Winners are encouraged to wear their badges at all dances and events they attend during the year. The Dancers of the Year are voting members of the LVIWSRDA Association Council.


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A Brief History of the "Dancers of the Year"

The draw for the Couple of the Year, now known as the Dancers of the Year, was initiated for the 1960-1961 dance season. From 1960-1961 to 1975-1976 the draw included club couples of the year from all of Vancouver Island. Beginning with 1976-1977 separate association Dancers (or Dancer) of the Year have been drawn from member club dancers of the year in each of the Lower Vancouver Island and Upper Vancouver Island regions.

Lower Vancouver Island Couples/Dancers of the Year - Since 1976

1976-1977       Ted & Nora Drysdale

1977-1978       Gordon & Shorty Smith

1978-1979       Art Bell & Flo Joseph

1979-1980       Hank & Jean Von Schalburg

1980-1981       Jim & June Nishihara

1981-1982       Hank & Anne Pylypa

1982-1983       Allan & Valerie Giles

1983-1984       Vince & Aileen Phillips

1984-1985       George & Alice Anderson

1985-1986       Don & Marion Roberts

1986-1987       Marino & Rebecca Danesin

1987-1988       Wilf & Elaine Dorman

1988-1989       Bill & Hilda Egginton

1989-1990       Allan & Lois McLean

1990-1991       Charlie & Lillian Brown

1991-1992       Wilbur & Mollie Wilson

1992-1993       Ken & Bev Lapham

1993-1994       Don & Pat Collis

1994-1995       Derek & Christine Tucker

1995-1996       Bill & Bev Shephard

1996-1997       Dave & Jackie Evans

1997-1998       Dave & Irene Slater

1998-1999       Roger & Norene Ritchot

1999-2000       Gus & Stella Jacklin

2000-2001       Arthur & Edna Morgan

2001-2002       Bob & Jean Collins

2002-2003       Jim Ferguson & Bess Page

2003-2004       Lorne & Barb Clayton

2004-2005       Bruce & Molly Spencer

2005-2006       David & Dawna Gowing

2006-2007       Bert & Norma Buckley

2007-2008       John & Janice Doutaz

2008-2009       Carol Cullimore

2009-2010       Stewart & Linda Thompson

2010-2011       Alex & Joan Wotherspoon

2011-2012       Jocelyn Perry

2012-2013       Eve Plourd

2013-2014       Wayne & Linda Townsend

2014-2015       Dennis & Pamela Sutton

2015-2016       Jack & Gerry Law

2016-2017       Bob & Barbara McLaren

2017-2018       Jack & Gisela Braniff

2018-2019       Carol Young

2019-2020       Gordon & Linda Ross

2020-2021       [nil due to COVID-19 shutdown]

2021-2022       [nil due to COVID-19 shutdown]

2022-2023       [nil due to COVID-19 shutdown]

2023-2024       Van Williams & Angel Star

2024-2025       Delores Weightman

Vancouver Island Couples of the Year - 1960 to 1976

1960-1961       Bob & Jean Wishard

1961-1962       Bob Hamilton & Annie Smith

1962-1963       Ed Rowe & Mary Chilcott

1963-1964       Alex & Annie Gray

1964-1965       Mel & Enes Moscrip

1965-1966       Len & Sylvia Adcock

1966-1967       Bill & Noreen Maxwell

1967-1968       Pete & Vi Lawson

1968-1969       Harold & Mabel Bohart


1969-1970       Art & Audrey McLeod

1970-1971       Harry Teasdale; Marg Frost

1971-1972       Reg & Char Bull (Victoria)

                          Jim & Ada Heard (Nanaimo)

1972-1973       Dunc & Jen McColl

1973-1974       Ted & Kay Williams

1974-1975       Earl & Mary Dennis (Nanaimo)

1975-1976       Roy & Dorothy Johnson

Information for Dancers of the Year Winners

The draw for the LVIWSRDA Dancer(s) of the Year takes place at the annual Spring Round-Up usually held on the first Sunday in May each year. The individual club dancers of the year (couples or singles – one entry per club) who are willing to stand for LVIWSRDA Dancer(s) of the Year participate in the draw. The term of the honour runs from June 1 to the following May 31.


The winner(s) has(have) possession of the perpetual LVIWSRDA Dancer of the Year trophy for the year (after the current year name plate has been engraved and affixed). The trophy must be returned to the LVIWSRDA not later than the day of the following year’s Spring Round-Up. A keeper plaque will be presented to the outgoing dancer(s) of the year at this dance.


Each winner receives a personalized Dancer of the Year badge plus a token for free pay parade/dance admissions. Winners are encouraged to wear their badges at all dances and events they attend during the year.


The pay parade token is valid for free admission to:

  • LVIWSRDA and VDCTA sponsored dances (e.g., summer Mainstream dances at Colwood and Royal Oak Halls, Spring Round-Up, Joint LVIWSRDA/UVISDA Dance).
  • UVISDA and UVICTA sponsored dances – ask first to confirm.
  • regular club dances as a visitor on the Lower Island and the Upper Island (Upper Island – ask first to confirm). Clubs where you are a member may or may not honour the pay parade token – ask first to confirm.

The pay parade token is not valid for admission to:

  • special events (e.g., summer campout/dance weekends).
  • dances where admission is by donation (e.g., hall benefit dances).

The pay parade token only needs to be shown. Do not place it in a pay parade basket as you must keep it for future use. Sign in as Dancer(s) of the Year; if dancing up island add “LVIWSRDA”. A club or association may ask for your primary/home club affiliation for insurance purposes.


Free privileges do not apply to club membership fees unless a club chooses to waive them at the club level. Membership fees for the CSRDS and the BCSRDF and club member assessments and postage for the Cross Trail News are still required to be remitted by clubs.


The Dancer(s) of the Year is(are) a voting member of the LVIWSRDA Association Council (Bylaws Section 5.1(d)). Meetings are usually held at 3:00 PM on the fourth Sunday in September, November, January, March, and April (AGM) at Colwood Community Hall.  At each meeting the Dancer(s) of the Year usually report on their dancing activity since the previous meeting. Reports should also be submitted by email to the LVIWSRDA secretary to facilitate preparation of the meeting minutes. Attendance at these meetings is requested but not required. Meetings usually adjourn by 4:00 PM. Agendas and minutes are distributed by email.


Prior to the September, November, January, and March meetings the VDCTA sponsors a one and a quarter hour free square and/or round dance workshop beginning at 1:30 PM. The April AGM is preceded by a free dance. A single Dancer of the Year may invite a dance partner to these workshops/dances. The guest may also attend the meeting that follows.


Dancers of the Year are encouraged to visit other clubs and to attend special dances and meetings. Each Dancer of the Year determines for themselves how much club visiting they do. It is not a competition to see how many dances you can attend during the year. Most clubs will acknowledge the Dancer(s) of the Year’s attendance during their announcements.


The editor of the Cross Trail New will ask you to provide a brief autobiography (up to about 300 words) and photo for publication in the September-October-November issue. What you include in your autobiography is your choice – personal and square dancing information, or just your square dancing activities. Please email this submission, together with a photo of yourself/yourselves, to The deadline is June 30. You can read prior year submissions in past September-October-November issues of the CTN.


In case you are not familiar with abbreviations that we use, here are what they stand for:

  • LVIWSRDA – Lower Vancouver Island Western Square & Round Dance Association
  • VDCTA (or V&DCTA) – Victoria & District Caller Teachers Association
  • UVISDA – Upper Vancouver Island Square Dance Association
  • UVICTA – Upper Vancouver Island Caller Teachers Association
  • BCSRDF (or BCS&RDF) – BC Square & Round Dance Federation (
  • CSRDS – Canadian Square & Round Dance Society (
  • CTN – Cross Trail News

Lower Vancouver Island (from Duncan south and including the southern Gulf Islands) is BCSRDF Region 1 ( Upper Vancouver Island (north of Duncan and including Powell River) is Region 8 ( On the east side of Vancouver Island the boundary between Regions 1 and 8 is the Chemainus River.


If you have any questions, please feel free to ask any member of the LVIWSRDA executive. Contact information is on the inside front cover of each printed issue of the Cross Trail News. You may also leave a message through the CONTACT US page on this website.